Naples, a breakthrough comes for Victor Osimhen

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Naples, a breakthrough comes for Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen and Napoli forward together: the Azzurri club and the Nigerian bomber’s entourage have finally agreed on a contract extension until 2027.

After a long negotiation and several face-to-face meetings (there is talk of at least 10 meetings), President Aurelio De Laurentiis found a point of agreement by offering a 10 million euro per season salary, in which bonuses and image rights are included.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the termination clause is also done, which will be set at a figure close to 150 million euros.

Rejected the Arab assault, at least for the moment: the Al Hilal had offered a mega contract of 40 million euros per season, which, however, the Nigerian striker refused because he wants to stay in Europe. Osimhen’s target is a Premier League club, and the player is aiming to do well in Europe and the Champions League to make the ultimate leap forward.

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