Emiliano Viviano starts again in Serie B

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Emiliano Viviano starts again in Serie B

Emiliano Viviano starts again from Serie B: the 37-year-old goalkeeper has signed a one-year contract with Ascoli. “I was sparked by the desire to be part of a group, to be a protagonist and play in a square that lives on soccer, I know there is a good project, things are done well, I wanted to return to Italy,” are his first words.

“A fortnight ago I had a chat with the sporting director, then we spoke again, finding the agreement was very easy. Last year I had thought about quitting because of post-career related opportunities and not because I didn’t feel like it anymore or I wasn’t doing well; actually in the last three years I played so many games, so I asked myself if I really felt like quitting. I told myself that I still felt like having fun.”

Viviano spent three years in Turkey: “Playing abroad always makes you learn something, every country has its own way of approaching cheering, communication, training; every culture enriches the baggage. In Italy things are done well, perhaps better than elsewhere, I am referring especially to the technical aspect, instead in England there are a thousand things that work better off the field.”

On his goals: “They are team, not personal: to help coach, club, teammates and young goalkeepers. I don’t like to make promises, I know that Ascoli lives on Ascoli Calcio, I know that I always fight for the maximum, I can promise seriousness in stepping into the category, into the team, into the environment, they will have from me 100 percent commitment on and off the field.”

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