Simone Anzani, decisive test comes for return to the field

©Getty Images

Comforting news is arriving for Simone Anzani, the Lube Civitanova and national team player forced to leave Italy’s training camp due to some heart problems.

His competitive future will be tied mostly to his final clinical stress test, scheduled in ten days in Rome.

This is the opinion of health director Mariano Avio: “The negative test result averts the presence of predisposing genetic alterations predisposing dangerous arrhythmias and indicates to us, therefore, the absence of potential hereditary transmission of this problem.”

“This is an important factor that reassures us, but it cannot yet make us sing victory. For the confirmation of Simone’s competitive fitness, the stress test set for Tuesday, August 22 in Rome at the Coni will be crucial. Considering that sometimes it takes several months for the outcome of genetics, we must thank Professor Antonio Dello Russo for his valuable contribution.”

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