Marcell Jacobs makes a wish

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The words of Marcell Jacobs

Marcell Jacobs spoke after struggling to qualify for the World Championships semifinals, “It was important to be here. After all these months it was important to come back and compete. The 100 meters, however, cannot be improvised. You can’t expect to run 9.80 without training or competing for two months. Today it went the way it did. At the technical level we have many things to fix, however, today is the first day and we passed the round. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully with two more competitions. The start was the worst in my life and I had to have a comeback race.”

“From today to tomorrow you can’t work miracles. Surely I can try to get on a better footing, which would completely change my race, because I didn’t mind the second half even though I struggled more than normal because I missed the high intensity a bit so prolonged. Tomorrow I will take to the track as I did today, bringing out all of myself and reminiscing a little bit about all the last months. I will try to bring out the energy I have under my toenails as well, to try to run as fast as I can.”

On opponents: “They are opponents I know very well, I know their value and I know who has pushed more or less than the others. However, it’s the 100 meters, you can’t do anything wrong and you can’t afford to make mistakes especially at a World Championships, so I will have to try not to make mistakes tomorrow and give everything I have.”

Closing remark on his condition: “Definitely so many injuries made me discover some things, for example the last one in the long jump made me switch to the 100 meters where I later became Olympic champion. Maybe without that injury I would still be trying to do something in the long jump. Next year I would like to be able to have a season where I train with all the consistency I had until the problem, and then compete with the best possible form. Then there I could have a really good time and we could have a really good time.”

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