Beppe Marotta moves closer to Pavard

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Beppe Marotta’s words

Inter CEO Beppe Marotta spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport in the pre-match of Inter-Monza. “Mazzone? I have a pleasant memory because he marked the years of romantic soccer, bucolic soccer. I also witnessed the great running under the Atalanta curve in a Brescia-Atalanta match in the late 1990s, I was director of Atalanta. He was a very charismatic character.”

Pavard chapter: “The will of the player is important in a negotiation. In this case, the player expressed the will to come to us and that means a lot. However, Bayern is a very rich club and hardly does without its players of great quality and depth. Pavard is a player we all know and has won a lot, so in order to give the player to us he would have to find a replacement; therefore, it triggers mechanisms not only economic but of a hole in the roster that would have to be filled. These are the difficulties but the negotiation is still open.”

He concludes on the Arabs: “It is a phenomenon that, even for us soccer managers, has arisen suddenly and we did not expect it. In fact, we do not yet know what the consequences will be. However, there is one fact, that they have taken 22 talented players out of Europe, bringing into the coffers of European clubs about 700 million. In doing so, however, you have impoverished the sporting level and you lose from the point of view of economic competitiveness. We are in a phase of negotiating television rights, and I think that even this strong manifestation on the part of the Arabs to enter a scenario where they were not present may create negative influences.”

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