Cantù knocked out, Angels Trophy goes to Trento

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Cantù knockout, Angels Trophy goes to Trent

È Dolomiti Energia Trento to lift the 2023 Angels’ Trophy, after a game conducted for almost all 40 minutes in which Cantù never gave up, without, however, being able to mend the tears of coach Galbiati’s team.

Sacchetti chooses to start with a quintet formed by Hickey, Bucarelli, Nikolic, Young and Baldi Rossi.
Wet shooting dust for Cantù at the start, with Baldi Rossi unblocking Acqua S.Bernardo after Trento's initial 7-0 partial. Wide rotation for coach Sacchetti, who puts on the court already in the first quarter the
youngsters Clerici and Meroni. At halftime è a triple by Bucarelli to put the Biancoblu back in the slipstream, then Cantù picks up the pace and with 25 seconds left Burns’ counter-break basket ties the score at 19-all, with which the first quarter ends.

Hubb’s basket early on puts però Trento back ahead by two possessions immediately. Hickey tries to keep Cantù attached with two triples, but Dolomiti Energia continues to find with moreù consistency the way to the
Trento stretches the lead to double digits by exploiting the physicalityà of Cook, whose basket sets the halftime score at 44-34.

The resumption begins with lower pace and several errors for both attacks, with the two teams inevitably feeling the effects of early season workloads. Trento finds more energy from the bench and Alviti’s triple retouches the maximum lead at +17, Cantù è’s immediate response is entrusted to Meroni and Hickey, but two threes by Forray drive Acqua S.Bernardo back, before Bucarelli’s penetration basket in the last seconds for 69-49 at the end of the third quarter.

Even in the last quarter Cantù continues to struggle with the basket and, despite some good shots built, finds no luck in the point shot. Trento propelled by the baskets from distance of Alviti, awarded at the end of the game with the MVP trophy dedicated to the memory of Stefano Polato, stretches again until the final result of 85-64.

Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù: Baldi Rossi 11, Berdini 7, Nikolic 6, Nwouchoa, Bucarelli 10, Hickey 9, Burns 13, Young 4, Meroni 2, Clerici 2, Cesana n.e.
Dolomiti Energia Trento: Ellis 6, Stephens 6, Hubb 8, Alviti 25, Forray 7, Cook 6, Udom 3, Biligha 6, Baldwin 16, Conti 2, Niang, Ladurner.

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