Massimo Gramellini attacks coach Mazzanti: “He marginalized Paola Egonu.”

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Massimo Gramellini attacks coach Mazzanti: "He marginalized Paola Egonu"

During an article in the "Corriere della Sera", journalist Massimo Gramellini è bluntly expressed himself on the situation in women's Italvolley, which led to the exclusion from the national team of Pro Victoria Monza player Paola Egonu due to the less than idyllic relationship with coach Davide Mazzanti.

"Paola Egonu è one of the strongest volleyball players in the world and only a country that systematically mortifies talents in all fields, not only those of the game, could relegate her to the bench at the European Championships (badly lost) or even induce her to leave the national team at just 24 years old and on the eve of the Olympic qualifiers" began the journalist.

"Honestly, I don&#39t know Egonu, but from Maradona on down, I&#39ve hung out with a lot of outliers in sports, art and business. They are all kind of the same. Bizzy, anarchic and full of sè. In a word we can consider them divisive. Today the mantra of companies è 'teaming up' sacrificing individual initiative to the law of the group, that is, of the boss, who does not want to be overshadowed by strong personalities, but who usually è is better at managing the power he has rather than creating results" added the columnist.

"Talent is not è of good command, forè it makes you win and a good manager knows how to manage it in the right way. Olivetti surrounded himself with mad engineers who made his fortune, just as Cosimo de Medici condoned the shenanigans of the painter Filippo Lippi. To Mazzanti, the coach who marginalized Egonu, I would point out the words of Vicente Feola, Brazil’s selector of Garrincha, Vava and Pelé. When asked by what criteria he made the lineup, he replied: "Simple. First I choose all those who can play good soccer, then in the free places I put the others"" concluded Massimo Gramellini.

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