Antonino Barillà returns to Reggio Calabria

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Antonino Barillà returns to Reggio Calabria

LFA Reggio Calabria announces that it has acquired the rights to the sports performance of midfielder Antonino Barillà who binds to the club with a two-year contract.

Reggino by birth, class 1988, Nino è a "son of Sant'Agata" who wanted to put his undisputed qualities; at the service of his city that gave him both the debut in Serie A in 2006, and the first goal always in the historic match against Juventus. Unforgettable was his unbridled jubilation for realizing his dream of scoring in Serie A with the Reggina jersey.

Subsequently, Nino wore the jerseys of Sampdoria, Ravenna, Trapani, Parma, Monza, Alessandria and Viterbese, accumulating an impressive 425 appearances between Serie A and Serie B.

His heart è always remained in Reggio Calabria, and today he returns to wear the amaranth jersey with great enthusiasm, to help rebuild ciò that the glorious history of this club deserves.

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