Sasha Grant, first words from red and white

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Sasha Grant’s first words as a Reggiana Basketball player

During the press conference for his presentation as the new player of Pallacanestro Reggiana, Sasha Grant è expressed himself in no uncertain terms in view of his LBA debut with the club that brought him up in the youth years.

"I am very happy with the work we are doing and I am very motivated. I came from a negative experience, where I had no space and the team result è was a disappointment. I worked a lot and talked a lot with the coach to understand what are the things I have to do to stay on the court and è everything is very clear. We are a roster with a lot of high-level forwards, and I know that what will make me; stay on the court and gain opportunities; will be defense. That's the base" debuted the 2002 class basketball player to the microphones of the "Gazzetta di Reggio".

"I am very motivated and happy to be able to make my debut in the big league with the team I grew up with. I played in Germany, with Bayern Munich I also played the Euroleague and with Verona we had a very good season. With the teammates everything is good. The more experienced ones give me a lot of advice, they talk a lot to help me. I am happy with that and with the preparation we are doing. At the physical level I feel really good" added Sasha Grant.

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