Virtus Bologna: the confession of Achille Polonara

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Virtus Bologna: Achille Polonara’s confession

Achille Polonara è officially introduced himself as the new player of Virtus Segafredo Bologna: "I arrived very charged and couldn’t wait to start. The feelings are great and after the first few days I can tell about a super" group. 

"I already knew some of my teammates: Beli, Hackett, Abi were with me in the national team, I also knew Bruno Mascolo, I played with Dunston both in Varese and at’Efes, I am glad to find them all here".

"Virtus è a historical club, both in Italian and European basketball. It has a big following, maybe è the club with the most fans in Italy, it has a crazy, mind-blowing fan base. I can’t wait to play at home and feel the warmth of our fans. Finally our paths have crossed, it was time to get to Virtus, I am super charged already for Saturday". 

"Being a very curious person, I asked Pajola a lot of questions, both about the club and Bologna in general,” Polonara revealed. He è been here all his life, maybe he knows Bologna better than his city, which è is also mine, Ancona. He told me that he è found himself well right away and that I will surely find myself" well too.

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