Gian Paolo Montali peremptory on Paola Egonu

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Gian Paolo Montali peremptory over Paola Egonu

"Paola Egonu è an extraordinarily talented player, I don’t see how you can’t use her to put her on the court". Gian Paolo Montali, at the microphones of, è  blunt about the outfielder who is not participating in the qualifiers for the Paris Olympics.

"With talented players I’ve never had problems, generally, because è you know what they can give you – Montali adds -. It’s more difficult with others.  It would have been nice to coach Egonu, for  I have already  given, my time  passed and I don’t know how it would have turned out".

Now Montali è general manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project, an event that will grow the golf movement in Italy. "In volleyball we have grown becauseé we have won" smiles the'former technical commissioner of the Azzurri.

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