Genoa, Andres Blazquez sets no limits on himself

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Andres Blazquez without limits

Genoa CEO Andres Blazquez made some statements to the microphones of Sky Sport to comment on the Grifone's start to the season: "We are doing well, we are a strong team. The players have an incredible attitude and then there'è a city that is behind us 100 percent".

" I always say don&#39t set yourself goals. We are a strong team that canò do great things, we can make a great championship" added the ad of the Rossoblù.

Finally he praised coach Gilardino: "Sì, è really a champion and he is transmitting these values to the team. We are very happy, you can see that he has a bond with the players and the city; really very strong. We are really happy".

Meanwhile, the Grifone è working to prepare for the challenge against Roma, scheduled for Thursday evening at Marassi.

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