Angela Andreoli does not hide her emotions

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Angela Andreoli does not hide her emotions

A wave of emotions and joy swept through Antwerp thanks to the extraordinary performance of Angela Andreoli, who together with her teammates secured Italy's much-coveted Olympic Pass for Paris 2024.

The talented gymnast from Brescia gave her heart and soul during her performance on beam last Sunday and on parallel bars. However, è it was the team competition that sealed Italy&#39s fate, with an outstanding total score of 162.200, thus guaranteeing her qualification to the Five Circles event.

In the fervor of the moment, Angela Andreoli, the youngest of the group, shared her emotions and post-race adrenaline in a touching statement: "&It's a very strong emotion to compete in such a context. It was my first world championship, and I am so happy with my results. We had to compete for the team and qualify for the Olympics, and we succeeded. And so I’m very very happy. To compare myself with the best in the world è was another indescribable thrill".

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