Cagliari, Ranieri: “What a blow, the worst race. Radunovic not serene”

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Cagliari, Ranieri: "What a blow, the worst match. Radunovic not serene"

Cagliari coach Claudio Ranieri commented on the team’s performance after the defeat against Fiorentina: "We did not play as we know, the first goal è was a real blow. And after 20 minutes you lose 2-0 against a team that keeps the ball well. Maybe è it was our ugliest game. The only recipe I know è work". 

The Sardinians are stuck on two points after seven games: "We don&#39t give up, we had some good matches and we lost. Today it was not us, right that we lost".

Goalkeeper Radunovic was wrong again: "At this moment he is not è serene. Repairò with the boy and then decideò what to do. In these moments the less we talk the better è. We have to work even moreù becauseé what we are doing is not è sufficient".

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