Monza, Palladino: “Gomez, immediately great answers.”

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Monza, Palladino: "Gomez, immediately great answers"

Monza coach Raffaele Palladino spoke to Dazn after the victory against Sassuolo: "We faced a strong team that in the first half put us in trouble" on our mistakes, they had several goal balls and I have to congratulate our great goalkeeper who kept us up". 

"In the second half we had a different reaction, taking off the handbrake to create many goal balls. This è a victory that gives us so much momentum, I wanted to dedicate it to our president since these days was his birthday".

Gomez's entrance: "È a fantastic player that I don&#39t discover, with impressive technique: he has great qualities, both technical and moral. È it was a bit of a stretch, I put him in at the moment of need and he gave me great answers. He was supposed to come only on the bench but I needed a player to dribble and he gave us a great hand".

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