Federico Dimarco studies from flag

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The words of Federico Dimarco

Federico Dimarco spoke exclusively to the microphones of Sportmediaset: "The fact of having fun, working hard and working well è our secret. We are doing well, we can do even better. Me flag? I hope sì, è my dream è to play in the’Inter and I don’t see any problem from here on".

"What we did last year è extraordinary, Inter’s history speaks for itself, it’s not often that you get to the bottom of a competition like that,‖ explained the Inter fullback.

I think this year we have to build on what we did last year, we know it’s not easy forè let’s say we’re at a good point. There should be no fear of anyone, these are soccer matches, we do this work to play the important matches".

"I think last year in the league maybe we made the mistake of not thinking game by game but thinking too much in là, about the ones that mattered most. This year we are thinking from game to game and it’s crucial because’we can’t underestimate anyone", he concluded.

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