Germani Brescia, Alessandro Magro doesn’t trust Treviso

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Alexander Magro’s words in the press conference

Coach Alessandro Magro presented the challenge against Nutribullet Treviso in the press conference: "We are ready for the first away game of the season and we are finally coming back after 3 years from a win on the’debut where we managed to take the first two points. We had a good week of practice. We analyzed what didn’t work in the first home game, where we still had some dross from the Super Cup disappointment. It will be interesting to see what the team’s immediate response will be on the road, because we know how difficult it is to play in this league against anyone especially away from home, è a team that beat us 2 times last season”.
On the upcoming opponents he said: "They showed their full potential in the challenge with Milan by going to lead and play good basketball for so many minutes. They were able to score 80 points in Milan which è was never a given. They have 4 players absolutely capable of scoring and able to put points on the board. We have a difficult and challenging game ahead of us. Bowman, Harrison and Midnight already know the coach. They are his trusted players. Unfortunately or fortunately the outcome of the 40 minutes counts. We play ahead of all the other teams, but we have to focus on both sides of the court. We are just curious to see how much of our potential we will be able to express”.

"Booker has shown that he is capable of both scoring and getting his teammates in rhythm. Excellent connection with Paulicap, who represents the prototype of the player sought after by Vitucci and Giofrè, maybe a little undersize but capable of running the court. One of the first was John Brown. Paulicapà will be a thorn in the side both offensively and defensively, because heè always plays aggressively. Ità will be an interesting game also from the tactical point" he continued on Treviso.

"It all starts with the players you coach, if they are clear about the end goal, and if they are clear about the final picture. They know how to approach every challenge and every training with the right intensity. I am not making this up and it è has been said more than once, this è is a league where the teams are all good, they all have strong Americans, and there are so many hot fields to play in. Winning is not è never trivial. We have to have a season playing seriously, but always respecting the game and the opponents, trying to win as many games as possible" concluded Magro.

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