Dorothea Wierer between goals, heat and … Playboy

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Dorothea Wierer presents her new season

"In this hot weather it would come moreù in mind to go to the sea, forò now there is little time left for the new season". Dorothea Wierer, on the sidelines of the presentation of the competitive ski season, spoke with

"I want to see if I am still able to confirm myself at high levels, I feel that it starts to weigh on my head as well, after so many years è very difficult to keep up the motivation to make sacrifices but I have been training well and hope to have a good season" added the biathlon champion.

"When one quits it is forgotten immediately, forò one has to accept it: I am planning my future. Posing in Playboy? I don’t feel up to it, there are much more beautiful women than me: it’s not my job’she concluded laughing.

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