Federico Pastorello categorical about Arthur

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Federico Pastorello categorical about Arthur

Federico Pastorello, Arthur’s agent, gave an interview to the microphones of Radio Sportiva in which he spoke about Fiorentina’s midfielder. "Fiorentina’s skill è was to sniff out a great opportunity with Arthur – he emphasized -. He’ is a player who should not present himself, it was only necessary to understand that the boy’ s situation was particular, due to an injury, tactical and technical issues that with Allegri’s Juventus did not see him at his levels due to an interpretation of the role wanted by the coach. In Florence he found enthusiasm of the’environment towards him and Italian: he played in Barcelona, let us not forget, in Florence he showed his technical and tactical baggage. In Liverpool he went through a’difficult experience, è he was out for 4 months due to injury: now he can finally smile and show everyone his real value".

“There’s no real right of redemption, Arthur was taken in an onerous transaction and has a prohibitive salary for 90 percent of the clubs in the world – he pointed out -. The player also has Juve contributing and the deal was made by Fiorentina, good at taking advantage of the moment".

"Allow me a joke: they had Arthur… They will have to make a graft, Pogba’s misadventure has cut off any hope of getting him back. I think he will know how to move the best, we will try to give them some cues…" Pastorello commented on a possible midfield coup for Juventus in January.

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