Bari, Ciro Polito goes down flat and grooms new arrivals

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Bari, comes Ciro Polito’s grooming

In the space of a few months, Bari è went from the promotion dream to the nightmare of a season with a poor performance, with only one win in nine games played and an "acute pareggitis" (as many as seven signs 'X') that convinced the management to give Michele Mignani the sack, handing the technical leadership to Pasquale Marino.

At a press conference on Wednesday, sporting director Ciro Polito tried to take stock of the situation and personally groomed the environment, also involving in the discourse some of the players who arrived in the summer and who, at least so far, have not fully satisfied.

"To Mignani – explained the biancorosso manager – I was asking to exploit potentials different from last season: Aramu must receive the ball in a different way, but it has not è been done. Frabotta did not play badly, but è it is legitimate to expect more;, Edjouma must understand that if he does not emerge others will do it in his place: è true, it canò be difficult to settle in but at Steaua he had scored ten goals as a halfback, the game with Catanzaro made me worry. He has to wake up".

On the new coach, Polito added: "Marino knows the characteristics of the players, now we have to lift the'environment becauseé the players themselves suffer from this negativity".

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