Novak Djokovic responds, in delayed burst, to Rafael Nadal

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Novak Djokovic responds, in delayed burst, to Rafael Nadal

Three weeks ago Rafael Nadal had given an’interview to Movistar, in which he had made rather peppery statements towards Novak Djokovic, who now, decidedly in a delayed burst, has decided to respond via the Serbian media.

Here is what the Majorcan had said: "Can youò live frustrated with 22 Slams? I think sì for example, for Novak it would have been a frustration not to be able to reach 22. Maybe è that's why he made it and passed them".

This, however,  Nole’s retort (both virgoettati are from “I saw those comments, they went viral and many people talked about them. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion, to interpret as they believe someone else in certain contexts or situations. And that è all I have to say”.

“Rafa è a great champion,” Djokovic continued.

I respect and appreciate him very much, as a champion indeed and as my greatest rival who helped to shape my game and to get the results that I got. I have no intention to speak negatively about him or Roger Federer, my respect for them outweighs any negative opinion I may have. Obviously that è Rafa’s opinion and I don’t agree with it. I have my opinion, but I won’t reveal it so as not to create so’further controversy. There’è no need to do so”.

Djokovic has won three out of four Slam tournaments this year, losing only at Wimbledon by losing an epic final to Carlos Alcaraz. In contrast, Nadal is recovering from yet another injury and is expected to return in 2024, what should be his last year of competitive activity.

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