Victor Osimhen remembers his injury: ‘I thank God I’m alive’

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Many reasons for redemption, but also a time of great fear.

Victor Osimhen returns to talk about Napoli and does so from his Nigeria, where he is in these days of the Serie A break to make way for the national teams. And the center forward è dwelt on his excellent results in the Azzurri, but also on the injury that has "given him" his iconic mask and, above all, a colossal scare: the fracture in his cheekbone and left eye socket he suffered on November 21, 2021.

"I was injured in the game against Inter,” Osimhen recalled speaking to 'Kortyeo' -A ball was coming that I wanted to catch, Skriniar hit my face with his head and I had to operate. That injury è it was almost fatal, I thank God that I am still alive".

Osimhen è però especially proud of how well è his impact with Napoli went: "When I arrived, some people said I would not even score 4 goals. They said Serie A was very physical, and it è. But if someone says I can’t do something, and maybe I can’t really do it, I at that point want to learn it and challenge those who didn’t believe in me. Now those who said those things are hiding".

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