Max Verstappen makes surprising admission about Valentino Rossi

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Max Verstappen makes a surprising admission about Valentino Rossi

Max Verstappen, fresh winner of the third Formula 1 World Championship in his career, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport looked to his future, and pointed to Valentino Rossi as an example: "It would be nice to do like Valentino".

"I like to see his races in GT: it is a category that interests me because we have our own car entered. Valentino did everything he could do in MotoGP and had a crazy career. Now he’s having fun, although he’s certainly continuing to work hard to win again. I think he will tryò something similar in the future", said the Red Bull driver.

However, Verstappen intends to continue in F1 until at least 2028, when his contract with the Austrian team expires: "I am young and I see myself in Formula 1 for a few more years. I think I can still do many good performances". 

"The question about my future is not about how long I can compete in Formula 1, but how long I want to stay here", concluded Verstappen.

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