NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo signs nawab contract

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The all-star has already won an NBA title in Milwaukee


Antetokounmpo feels at home in Milwaukee and does not intend to leave. As reported by ESPN, the two-time MVP has decided to continue his experience with the Bucks’ jersey. Accomplice to Lillard's arrival, Antetokounmpo has reached an agreement for an extension of his current contract with the franchise with which he has already won an NBA title.

Antetkounmpo has, in effect, renewed his contract expiring in 2025 for three years at the monster sum of $186 million. Thus, he will gross about $62 million per season (one of the highest paid in the entire NBA).

After worrying Bucks fans last August, explaining how it was not the time to talk about renewal, here is Antetokounmpo has decided to confirm his commitment to the Milwaukee franchise. Together with Lillard, he will tryà to bring the Bucks back to the top of the NBA world. The Bucks will host the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday in their opening game of the 2023/24 NBA regular season.

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