Jorge Martin in the sprint, Pecco Bagnaia second

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Great excitement also in Thailand where the two title disputants also and above all put on a show.

Jorge Martin led the race, with Binder on his heels complicating his life until the last, while Pecco Bagnaia thrilled with a slow but relentless comeback. The reigning world champion first dueled with Marc Marquez, then overtook Marini and Bezzecchi and then he è even returned to the leading cup. In the finale, Bagnaia even tried to pass both of them on the outside but then had to brake by rejoining the queue.

Binder on the last lap tried everything but è went beyond the limits of the track and after the checkered flag è was penalized one position. Martin then won in a sprint while Pecco Bagnaia, third on the track, took a second place that allowed him to limit the damage in the standings. The points between the two are now still thirteen.

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