Inter, Massimo Moratti’s truth about Gian Piero Gasperini’s exoneration

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A rivalry è which has been rekindled in recent years is now enriched by a new chapter.

Gian Piero Gasperini è among the main protagonists of Atalanta, which has won six European cup qualifiers in the past seven years. The coach from Grugliasco però experienced a brief and disappointing spell at Inter between July and September 2011, when he was relieved after five games (one drawn and four lost). The championship Saturday will replay the Nerazzurre challenge in Bergamo, so on the occasion Massimo Moratti è returned to that summer 12 years ago explaining the reasons for his decision at the time.

"In everyone&#39s life it can happen to have meetings whose outcome does not give the desired results. That was such a case,” Moratti said in an interview with the 'Gazzetta dello Sport'. Certainly I do not feel regretful about that choice, if anything, I am simply sorry that Gasperini did not prove to be an equally good coach here at Inter's.

"The problem è that Gasperini, until he went away from Inter, did not win a single game. In the face of such results it also leaves time to focus on the modules", added Moratti, president of the Biscione in that 2011.

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