Jorge Martin in place of Enea Bastianini? Here comes a clarification

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The situation at Borgo Panigale may not experience any shocks.

Jorge Martin is vying with Pecco Bagnaia for the 2023 world championship title in MotoGP, and for days there have been discussions about the possibility of him joining him in Ducati’s factory team next season. This cascomercato rumor would see the Spaniard leave Team Pramac and take the place of Enea Bastianini, who would ideally take the reverse route. Yet those who know him better than most explain that the scenario è less close to materializing than one might believe.

Of Martin’s future, in fact, Albert Valera, i.e., his agent, spoke, intercepted by ''. "His intention would be to secure the red bike in 2025 and 2026. Joining the official team already in 2024 would be the consequence of a fantastic season. This però è is a decision in the hands of Ducati. And they, so far, have not told us anything".

'' added that he has learned that Martin or his entourage have no intention of pressuring Ducati to assign the Spaniard the bike now owned by Bastianini. In fact, the rider would be perfectly comfortable in Pramac, and here he would feel able "to aspire to everything".

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