Milan, Gerry Cardinale takes back Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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The Devil’s patron would like to conivolve him into other activities;

Ibrahimovic è increasingly close to returning to AC Milan. He won&#39t put his boots back on but will still have a very important role within the Rossoneri's managerial organization chart and not only in that.

As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, patron Cardinale, in his new meeting with the Swede, reportedly told King Zlatan what he would like from him. His main occupation would be within the Milan world but he would also have an active role in the other activities controlled by the RedBird brand. The Swede è world famous and, therefore, would have a huge following in every country.

As done by other world sports stars, such as LeBron James, Ibrahimovic could also participate in some projects, with even personal investments. For Milan fans, what they most want, è is to have him back inside the locker room, so that he can give the team a hand in getting up from this really delicate period. Who knows; he might even show up at San Siro for the challenge with PSG.

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