Champions League, Napoli: Rudi Garcia does not hide his bitterness

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Rudi Garcia bitter at the end of the game

Speaking at a press conference after his Napoli team's home draw against Union Berlin in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage, Rudi Garcia certainly did not hide his bitterness for not beating a team, the German team, that had lost the twelve games prior to tonight&#39s.

"We made a mistake on a corner kick in our favor,‖ Garcia said, -we were unbalanced and we did not cover ourselves: their game è all of it, as far as we are concerned è the only negative thing I saw tonight, unfortunately è it was decisive. We created a lot but we did not close it: if we did not win è also because è we did not manage to score 2-0 when we had to".

"We knew that Union è a team that defends,” he added.

Even though they are going through a difficult period è a team that does not give up, defends with physicalityà è good at countering shots. We simply had to concretize more; but we were also unlucky: we hit a post, there'è was a goal that could also have been not annulled. We could have won anyway but I am not disappointed with the content of the match, only with the result".

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