“You ended up at Longobarda”: Bonucci laughs and jokes with Napoli fans

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Bonucci laughs and jokes with Napoli fans

An amusing video is circulating on the net featuring Leonardo Bonucci and some Napoli fans just hours before the match played at the Maradona by the Azzurri against the’Union Berlin, the German team in which è landed in the summer the’former Juventus player.

As Bonucci is walking a Napoli supporter tells him, "You used to play at Juventus, you ended up at Longobarda", referring to the team coached by Lino Banfi in the very famous movie ‘L’allenatore nel pallone’. The seasoned defender turns to him and can’t help but hide a laugh.

Napoli-Union è then ended on’1-1: the Germans had not left the field with a positive result since the end of August.


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