Milan, what a headstone: injury for Rafael Leao

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Milan, what a tegola: injury for Rafael Leao

Bad news in the Milan household. Rafael Leao and Davide Calabria, who were forced to leave the field in the match against Lecce due to injury, have undergone instrumental examinations to verify the'extentà of the injury.

The Portuguese offensive outfielder suffered a first-degree injury to the hamstring in his right thigh and will have to sit out for about 20 days, surely missing commitments with the Portuguese national team and Fiorentina when he returns from the national team break. The hope for coach Pioli è to have him available again for the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund.

For Calabria, however, injuries have been ruled out: overload edema of the left semitendinosus fessor. The Azzurri fullback will not respond to coach Spalletti’s call-up to the national team, but he will still be able to recover for the match against Fiorentina after the break.

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