Carlos Alcaraz makes a prediction about Jannik Sinner.

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Carlos Alcaraz makes a prediction about Jannik Sinner

The defeat in the’debut against Alexander Zverev had worried and not a little the Spanish fans and before that Carlos Alcaraz himself, who instead today è took the court against Rublev “finding his game and his style”, as he himself told in front of the microphones. It was a very long press conference for Carlitos, who was particularly happy with his performance today and that he is still in the running to qualify for the semifinals.

“È it was a very good game, unlike the first day I was able to put my game on the field and do what I wanted. That was my first thought, regardless of winning or losing: to show on the field what I can do” – began the Spaniard in the conference.

Recovering from three consecutive defeats, as he has not had since 2021, the world No. 2 honestly said he could not remember the’last time he had lost three matches in a row. But he already looks ahead: “I am very happy to have beaten Rublev, who è a very strong player. È a success that gives me a lot of confidence, the defeat against Zverev è was heavy, I honestly thought I could have lost all three matches” admitted Carlitos. Key, forò, è was yesterday’s training: “Yesterday I trained very well and found very good feelings, which I then brought back to the court”.

As the great tennis lover that he is; there was little doubt that Alcaraz had been watching Sinner-Djokovic and, in fact, è he himself confirmed it. “È it was one of the best matches of the season, everyone enjoyed it, including me: I enjoyed watching it, è it was incredible. Playing here against Jannik I know it would not be easy, he would logically have the whole audience on his side”.

The most unexpected answer of the whole conference è perhaps came to the question of yours truly, who asking Carlitos if Sinner was a serious candidate to win a Slam in 2024 was seen to answer: “Absolutely yes;, è definitely one of those who will have to be reckoned with. Not only that, for me Jannik next year can è become No. 1 in the world, or at least he can è build all the chances to do so. That è my prediction” said Alcaraz.

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