Ismael Bennacer says no to Inter Milan.

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Bennacer’s words

Ismael Bennacer spoke to Instant Foot about his future: "Inter Milan could offer me what it wants but I will never go there, I respect Milan too much: I am not saying that I will stay here all my career but I will definitely never go to Inter'Inter".

"Calhanoglu wanted to stay at AC Milan then I don&#39t know what happened, they may not have found the agreement. I respect him but when I read that he was going to Inter I thought: he can&#39t have done it. We are friends but on the field there are no friends, even more so in a derby".

Closing remark on the last derbies: "Water under the bridge now, maybe in some moments we were more tired, maybe they are stronger in some aspect. Però we were not affected by this statistic, certainly these are things to work on. With Inter è the rivalry is more complicated, we always meet, like in Champions last year, and we share the Scudetto goal".

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