Fipav Puglia: “Stop violence against women. Initiatives from Series A to the category championships

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"Stop violence against women": the initiatives of Fipav Puglia

The Apulian regional section of the Italian Volleyball Federation has made known the numerous initiatives that will aim to raise awareness among fans and insiders on the delicate issue of combating violence against women, at a very sensitive time given the very recent news events.

"Federica De Luca and Giulia Cecchettin, two girls, two women, in the midst of their life journey, bound by a thin thread, the one that unfortunately still cannot be broken today. In 2023 alone, there are more than 100 women victims of feminicide, a scourge that is still unfortunately current. The clamor aroused by Paola Cortellesi’s recent film 'C’è ancora domani' has highlighted how this theme has always touched the world of women, making it topical once again with the well-known events of recent days" reads the note of Fipav Puglia.

"The volleyball world has decided to remember each year Federica De Luca and her little Andrea, who passed away in 2016 in a family tragedy, a’whole week made up of meetings, initiatives, hugs under the net to symbolize a battle, the one against violence against women, which must be increasingly amplified and brought to schools, gyms, theì where today’s young people grow up. Federica was a national volleyball referee, had come to direct competitions in the B series championships and to serve as head of the refereeing sector of the Taranto Territorial Committee. Federica was full of life, that life cut short too soon, unjustly, for no reason at all, because of that’sick love that still reaps victims".

"On all Apulian volleyball courts, during 'Federica Week', from the A Series (La Gioiella Prisma Taranto will do so; on the occasion of the SuperLega home match on Dec. 2) to the category championships, a minute of silence will be observed, preceded by an exchange of bows and red balloons under the net; coaches and referees will wear a red ribbon; thematic meetings in the presence of the parents of Federica De Luca, Enzo De Luca and Rita Lanzon will be organized in schools and cinemas in the region; professionals and personalities from the world of sports and beyond will be invited to raise awareness of this battle" young students and athletes.

"The Italian Volleyball Federation has, in addition, convened an award named after Federica De Luca, which again this year, on the occasion of the last meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 25 in Barletta, will be awarded to the female match official of national category who è particularly distinguished herself for the’commitment and passion at the peripheral executive level during the course of the season".

"Sports encompasses within ité healthy values, 'Federica&#39s Week' aims to use sports to reach young people, the adults of tomorrow, so thatè tragedies such as these will never happen again. 'Federica's Week' will be told on the communication channels of CR FIPAV Puglia, collecting the material produced by the clubs through the hashtag #ilvolleyforfedericaeandrea".

2018: Chiara Santangelo (Sicily)
2019: Rachela Pristerà (Piedmont)
2020: Alessandra Di Virgilio (Abruzzo)
2021: Giuseppina Stellato (Campania)
2022: Denise Bianchi (Puglia)


– “Roundtable” at the First Grade Secondary School “A. Galateo” in Lecce, for the morning of November 22, 2023, to be attended by Federica De Luca’s parents to discuss and raise awareness on the issue of gender-based violence;

– Meeting at the Multipurpose Center “Ennio De Giorgi” in Lizzanello with the students of the ’Istituto Comprensivo “C. De Giorgi” for the morning of November 24, 2023 with the participation of Dr. Giuseppe De Simeis and the parents of Federica De Luca to discuss the topic of gender violence;

– Meeting at the Multisala “Paolillo” in Barletta on the morning of Nov. 25, 2023 open to all Secondary Institutes of Secondary Education, to be attended by Federica De Luca’s parents, Deputy Inspector Leonardo Madera of the Commissariato di P.S. of Barletta, the heads of the CAV “Giulia and Rossella” of Barletta, during which they will discuss gender violence and there will be a screening of a film on the theme of gender violence;

– Awarding ceremony, at the “Paolillo” Multisala in Barletta on the morning of November 25, 2023, of the Federica De Luca 2023 Award, a recognition established by the Italian Volleyball Federation to remember Federica De Luca and reserved for the ’national category female match official who è particularly distinguished herself for her commitment and passion at the peripheral executive level during the course of the season.

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