Lautaro Martinez, renewal with Inter not easy

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The words of Lautaro Martinez's agent

Alejandro Camano, Lautaro Martinez&#39s agent, è returned to speak with Tuttosport about the Nerazzurri captain&#39s future: "Where can he go? Where his dreams arrive. And at the moment his dream is called Inter". 

"We are dialoguing to receive a proposal that can satisfy Lautaro. It è not easy, in the sense that it è not an overnight thing, but we are working to reach a positive agreement. Problems? I don&#39t think there will be any. We have a very good relationship with the Nerazzurri, as I told you we have already had the first discussions. We will meet again to go into details at the most appropriate time, definitely". 

Lautaro last summer said no to the Arabs: "Very true, he did not even want to hear the proposal. Strange? It depends for whom. Not è for one who keeps so clear the life project, the feeling of belonging, how good he is in the club also because he feels valued by the club. Let’s not forget all the achievements of the Nerazzurri. And that we are talking about the vice-champion team of Europe. Inter today is on an excellent streak of results. And Lautaro, together with his teammates and the coach, feels part of this success".

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