European silver for Italy women’s curling team

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European silver for Italy women curling

It ends in a mockery but è a great result that women curling Italy achieved at the European curling championships in Scotland. The Azzurri won silver, bowing in the final 6-5 to the highly favored Svzzera: è the fourth continental medal for our women’s movement after the silver medals of 1982 and 2006 and the bronze in 2017.

The first end ended in a deadlock thanks to a magic of our skip Stefania Constantini, Olympic gold medalist in mixed doubles with Amos Mosaner, and in the second end the Ampezzan churned out another one stealing the hand of the Swiss and putting Italy ahead, but two points from the multiple world champions in the third end made them overturn the situation at 2-1.

In the fourth end, the first in which the Azzurri have the last stone, i.e., the last throw, we bring home the 2-2 point, but in the fifth è Switzerland to win a point and in the sixth steal a point from Italy because; Constantini tries a takeout that fails by a few instead of placing in the center, Stefania then manages to place the point, although again by a matter of millimeters, in the seventh, then replicates the Swiss team in the’eighth: 5-3 Switzerland.

An inaccurate stone in the ninth end by Alina Pätz dà to Costantini the chance of the takeout that gives two points to the azzurre: 5-5 before the tenth end, the decisive one. And here, after two inaccuracies by svzzero skip Silvana Tirinzoni and Pätz Italy seems to have the success in hand, but a crazy shot by Pätz at the last stone gives the gold to Switzerland, which forò was the big favorite for the six world titles won by Pätz and the four by 44-year-old Tirinzoni.

Very good, however, Giulia Zardini Lacedelli, Angela Romei, Elena Mathis and Stefana Constantini, who after closing the round robin in second place with 7 wins and 2 losses right behind the Swiss destroyed in eight ends Sweden in the semifinals 11-2 bowing only to the class of the Swiss who win their seventh continental title after nine years of waiting.

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