F1, Fernando Alonso’s hope: “We need some chaos”

©Getty Images

The Asturian starts from the seventh box at the Abu Dhabi GP

The last GP of the F1 World Championship is being staged. It is being raced in Abu Dhabi where, for a change, Verstappen è firmly in pole position with the goal of also winning the last round of a World Championship that he has overridden.

Lots of desire to do well also from Alonso, who wants to end the season with a great result. The Asturian starts from the seventh box and has clear ideas about what could help him overtake some opponents on the track.

"It will be a very long race, our only target è McLaren and they are ahead of us, so, we will need some chaos if we want to aim to overtake them. In a race without hitches they would finish ahead of us and this is not good”, Alonso’s own words to AS. The Spanish driver wants to close his, however, positive season with an important result. All warned.

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