Olympia, Ettore Messina didn’t see it coming

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The words of Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina spoke after the ugly loss to the Tuscans: "I congratulate Pistoia, which deserved it. We made a good first part, then I don’t know if è a physical or mental issue, but we started very badly taking refuge in 3-point shooting without logic. Obviously we struggle to have continuity of performance and we have to work on that. We come from a good game and on Sunday we can’t replicate it with everyone".

" I made my most important players play more than maybe they could. In the first half the team è seemed to me to be fresh in legs or head, maybe at halftime we thought the game was already channelled, forgetting that their guards can make baskets all the time and they were coming from three wins in the last four games”.

Closing remark on the changes: "I tried to leave my best players on the court. I coach a team with 12 players, easy to say later I had to put this or that. The problem è that you expect certain things, you don’t see them and you have to make different choices".

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