F1, Max Verstappen mind-blowing: 1003 laps in the lead

©Getty Images

Red Bull's Dutchman è stayed ahead of everyone for 75.70% of the laps in the season

Monstrous. Verstappen è s season has been incredible. Absolute ruler of the World Championship, he è took a lot of satisfaction, including that of a very special record: the driver with the most laps in the lead.

Specifically, Verstappen occupied the first position in the race for no less than 1003 laps, or 75.70 percent of the laps run in the entire World Championship. He asphalted Vettel&#39s precedent, which è stopped at 739 in the 2011 season.

Yet another confirmation of how the Red Bull star is unplayable for everyone. And, mind you, Verstappen è already ready to cannibalize next season as well: "The other teams will work to catch up, è for sure. But we will also keep pushing, we want to win again". In short, the World Champion è ready to try again next year. All warned.

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