Cagliari, Claudio Ranieri is honest about Nahitan Nández’s future

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Claudio Ranieri’s words ahead of Lazio-Cagliari


A few days before the challenge against Lazio, Cagliari coach Claudio Ranieri, among the various topics discussed in the press conference, wanted to shed light on market rumors regarding a possible farewell of Nahitan Nández. 

"I hope that Nahitan is well and can get on the field, but I will never talk about the market. The prosecutors are circling names, but they are just rumors. He wants to stay in Cagliari and è focused on giving his all to help the club achieve its goals. If he then leaves we will thank him for what he has done" began the Sardinians’ coach regarding the Uruguayan midfielder.

"Lazio play from memory, they are doing well and have qualified for the Champions League round of 16. We have to respect them, but play as we know while knowing that it will be a very difficult match. They can count on great champions who can score goals. They came from days of pressure after the knockout with Salernitana, but we all saw how they reacted against Celtic. They will come to this match with great stimuli" continued the former Roma coach.

"I knew I had to wait for everyone to grow. I didn&#39t have them from the beginning, but now some of the attackers are starting to get well, so I am not worried about the few goals scored by our offensive players. Lapadula says he is always well, but logically he cannot be 100 percent after four months in the pits. Lazio, on the other hand, will be able to rely on a born goleador like Ciro Immobile. You can be careful with 1,000 eyes, but he can always find the right pertugio to strike" Claudio Ranieri commented.

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