Jorge Lorenzo has a theory about Marc Marquez’s landing at Ducati

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Jorge Lorenzo has a theory on Marc Marquez's landing at Ducati

Marc Marquez è landed at Ducati, in the Gresini team, and in the pre-2024 tests at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia he immediately impressed everyone by setting the fourth best time on his new bike and impressing all his brandmates. But will the arrival of the Spaniard eight-time world champion Camieràthe balances within the teams that run with bikes from the Borgo Panigale manufacturer?

As formula reports, all the executives, from sporting director Paolo Ciabatti to team manager Davide Tardozzi and general manager Gigi Dall’Igna, said they did not want to bring Marquez on one of their bikes, since’the company’s satisfied with the riders under contract. In addition, Ciabatti said Pecco è the captain and Marquez will have to deal with him. However, the Gresini team has freedom of choice on its roster and did not let him’è escape.

But there’è someone according toi that the arrival of Marquez was approved precisely by Dall’Igna, and this someone cama Jorge Lorenzo. Here are the words of the Spaniarda Dazn Spain: “From the outside è it is difficult to know how the talks went between the important people in Ducati, the real decision-makers. But from what I could understand, the’only one really favorable to the’arrival of Marc Marquez in Ducati è was Gigi Dall’Igna”.

“The others had doubts, probably for different reasons. Maybe because of the popularityà of Marquez in Italy, or because he would be overshadowed by Italian riders younger than him, or again because he could have brought information to another team in the future – continues Lorenzo -. In reality, I think Gigi saw the opportunity’to bring home the best rider at no cost, or at any rate at a very low price, something unimaginable only two or three years ago. To miss such an opportunity’è difficult”.

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