Torino, Urbano Cairo clears doubts on possible goalkeeping reinforcement

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Urbano Cairo sheds light on the goalkeeper issue

During an intervention on "Radio Sportiva", Torino president Urbano Cairo è spoke about the moment of form and ambitions of his team. In addition, the granata patron è dwelt on market rumors regarding a possible reinforcement in goal in the winter soccer market session, complicit in the recent negative performances of Vanja Milinkovic-Savic and Luca Gemello.

"There will be no investment in goal in the winter session. We believe a lot in Milinkovic. Gemello, against Bologna, had an unlucky day, but he has great potential and we are already in discussions with him to find an understanding on contract renewal. To conclude the circle we have Popa, who è a very young goalkeeper with a lot of room for improvement" began the granata president.

"I haven’t seen the boys this week, but Vagnati told me they are very motivated. Too bad about last game, we dominated for about an hour, then we got that goal. I am confident, we have to be more focused and better at reacting. We have to think one match at a time, with the goal of improving on the last two years. We have to focus on the individual matches without taking flights of fancy. All companiesà have goals, but è always better to keep them guarded" continued the patron of the Piedmontese club.

"We believe a lot in Nikola. He is growing, as we è saw in the last match with Bologna that he had made a spectacular goal that I still do not understand whyé è it was annulled. He had a less brilliant start, because he did little preparation with us, but now I see him in excellent condition" Urbano Cairo commented on Nikola Vlasic.

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