Frederic Vasseur unveils Ferrari’s plans

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The words of Frederic Vasseur

Frederic Vasseur at Autosport took stock of his first year at Ferrari: "For sure I think the level of expectations was a bit too high at the’beginning of the season. We immediately understood the situation after a couple of laps in the Bahrain tests but also after a couple of laps in the simulator before the tests in Sakhir".

"This summer in Holland they almost doubled us. From Zandvoort onwards we have collectively taken a huge step forward and this è positive for the future. È on this progression we can build for next year. We won’t have to turn everything upside down in 2024. When you are 3-4 tenths back… I mean, not even Red Bull has a magic wand. They are doing a better job".

And again: "We lost a lot of points because of’reliability’and track operations. We must not focus only on one’area, that would be wrong. It won’t be like that. We have a different approach from that, we will try to take every aspect to the limit. Already during this season we have succeeded, and we will see where we will be in Bahrain. We will have to stay positive".

Closing remark on 2024: “I don’t know if it will be better next year, nobody knows. È always a matter of comparison. If you can improve by one second and the others by 1.5 then you look stupid. But if they improve by five tenths then you look like a hero. I don’t want to be too optimistic because é that was probably è one of the problems we had last season. We just have to focus on what we are doing and not think about the’outcome of the championship before it starts or think about the awards ceremony even before Bahrain".

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