Max Verstappen teases Fernando Alonso: “Let’s race Le Mans together.”

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A rival that in the future may turn into a partner in a new adventure.

Max Verstappen tries to tease Fernando Alonso toward a new adventure and challenge on four wheels, but not those of a Formula 1 car. The Dutch Red Bull driver, whom at the start of the 2023 championship the veteran Spaniard tried to counter with his Aston Martin, has now admitted he wants to find him by his side again. In a scenario però entirely new, at least for him: that of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The suggestion è came during Honda’s Thanks Day, where Verstappen spoke clearly: "Sooner or later I would like to try a MotoGP. But above all, my dream è is to race in Le Mans – said the three-time world champion to the Motegi audience – Already; I have been there as a spectator with my father, but I would like to go back. And I have already talked about it with Alonso, who admitted that he would like to return to race it and do it with me".

"At Le Mans everything è fantastic. Spectators stand in the stands at all hours of the day and night, willing to do anything to watch the race. The drivers race at all hours, with all the twists and turns that could happen. That's why I would like to race a 24-hour race myself. Only I am heavy, so I need lighter companions than me. Alonso è so it would be great to team up", added Verstappen.

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