Ducati: “Made simulations, Marc Marquez will fight for the title”

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Ducati: "Made simulations, Marc Marquez will fightà for the title"

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali expressed an opinion on how the MotoGp World Championship will change with the arrival of Marc Marquez in Ducati: "Marc will make us grow more: our other 7 champions have begun to study the way he rides. He will be a stimulus, an example. They will all become better", are the words to La Repubblica. 

"We will have more internal competition, it will complicate the World Cup race of our opponents. This year Martin has learned a lot from Bagnaia, Pecco will do the same with Marquez. It will continue to raise the level, have you seen Di Giannantonio? 6 out of 8 Ducatisti have won at least one GP this year. Improving on 2023? It seems impossible. But we are trying. Our opponents have asked to change the rules from next year, otherwise we are too strong for them. The’organizer has accommodated them. No problem, indeed: for us è the best of marketing campaigns".

Domenicali made an admission about the potential of Marc Marquez in Ducati: "For sure he will fight’till the last for the World Championship. We did almost scientific simulations, comparing his performance with that of his brother Alex, who raced in his current team. But he will not sayò the results even under torture". But Domenicali’s favorite driver è "Pecco Bagnaia. È Italian, runs in the official team and with him there’è a special empathy. Forò Marc è a champion, if he` be so good as to deserve the title we will be happy". 

The'other great champion è Gigi Dall'Igna: "In his field è a star. We are very much aligned: I hope he stays with us forever, but I don&#39t exclude that one day Honda may make him a mega offer. Però not even Gigi knows all the secrets of the Ducati magic formula: there are some of them firmly nailed to the floor of Borgo Panigale. Ducati’s winning formula è like Coca-Cola’s: secret. In the company, everyone knows only part of the recipe. No one però knows all the ingredients".

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