Casey Stoner flips through the memory book.

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The words of Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner, brand ambassador for Nolan, opened the book of memories in connection with the very headquarters of the helmet company from Bergamo: "For me è very exciting to know that the replica of my helmet è still one of the most sold – concluded – canò be anywhere in the world, and è a privilege even so many years after my retirement. I’ve had a good fan base and I’m really happy about that".

"When I started racing, in Australia there’were three numbers available for me to use, and when I came to Europe the situation was very similar, so when I competed in the English championship I chose 66. In Spain, with the Telefonica Movistar team, you had to accept the number you were given, and fortunately I was given 27, all while Puig gave me the opportunity’to prove my talent, so’as in MotoGP".

"Even in that case I chose 27, becauseé it was the number I was given when I had the opportunity to be able to race and as a sign of respect for what Puig had done for me, soì as did other riders with whom I raced and who also kept the same number, as in the case of Pedrosa with 26. Nolan è was the brand with which everything è began, and è was the first sponsor with whom I then faced several races even in the following years. Before Nolan I had experienced difficult years, but thanks to its support I was able to continue thanks to a good budget that also allowed me to be able to make transfers. Nolan è has always been the helmet for me, while X-Lite è has been the model. I have always had a soft spot for Nolan, the same brand that had Puig as well as Carlos Checa”, concluded the Australian.

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