F1, Max Verstappen: barb at Ferrari and other rivals

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Max Verstappen doesn’t hide

Speaking to reporters just hours before the FIA Galà on Dec. 8 in Baku, Azerbaijan, Max Verstappen looked back on the near-perfect adventure that led him to the trio of titles, with a frightening roster (19 wins out of 22 Grands Prix) and a superiority that is at times embarrassing. Just talking about this, the Dutchman è let himself go to a dig at his competitors, Ferrari and Mercedes in the lead.

"The competition è has been quite seesaw,‖ he said, not mincing words.

In one race weekend there was one that came close to us, in the next one another. What I expect for 2024 è that other teams will be able to adapt better to the current regulations to be closer to us. It would be enough for me even to win half of the races this year, as long as it is enough to win another World Championship".

"Realistically,” Max explained, “it will be very difficult to do better than this year, but to win a World Championship you don&#39t have to win 20 races. It's more important to constantly improve, both on a personal level and on a car level. I do not know how much we can improve but we want to be next year lì, among the top.

In the season just ended, in addition to winning 19 races with Max Verstappen, Red Bull also celebrated success in two other GPs with Sergio Perez and in five of the six Sprint Races (four Verstappen, one Perez). The "crumbs" went to Mercedes, which è took the satisfaction of second place in the Constructors World Championship, to Ferrari, which won in Singapore with Carlos Sainz the only race in which the Red Bulls suffered, and to McLaren, which thanks to Oscar Piastri è won the Sprint Race in Qatar.

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