Ivan Juric gets outspoken about his future at Torino

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Ivan Juric exposes himself on his own future

Two days before the championship match (scheduled for Sunday at 12:30 p.m.) on the field of Frosinone, Ivan Juric spoke at a press conference, unbalancing himself on, among other topics, his own future, since at stake is the potential renewal of the contract that currently binds the Croatian coach and the Granata company until next June 30, 2024.

"Two weeks someone was giving me for exonerated, now you are talking to me about renewal,” he told reporters who intervened.

I actually do not close any doors, I just think that now it is right to think about work. I've been enjoying myself for two months, we are a growing team and we are creating very good situations both in training and in the game".

"My idea,” Juric added, “is to create value for Toro and improve the players as much as possible. I really want these things, then if it will beà renewal or not we will see, I prefer not to talk about it now. All I’m saying is that I want to feel free myself and at the same time è right that the companyà will also make its evaluations in this sense".

Juric, born in 1975, has been coaching Torino since the summer of 2021, coming to the Granata after a fruitful experience at Hellas Verona. With the Granata club he achieved two 10th places in his first two seasons, with a not-too-different roster (13 won, 11 drawn and 14 lost the first year, 14 won, 11 drawn and 13 lost the second). On the eve of the 15th day of the 2023-24 season è still tenth, 4 points from the Europe zone.

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