Jannik Sinner, Filippo Volandri is clear: “He will still grow a lot.”

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Filippo Volandri spends words of praise on Jannik Sinner

At the Gazzetta Sports Awards, Italy captain Filippo Volandri è returned to talk about the Davis Cup triumph achieved by his boys. In addition, the former tennis player wanted to speak words of praise for Jannik Sinner and the level of Italian tennis.

"We have dreamed many times of such a moment. Coming back to Italy with the cup è it was very special, we realized in the following days the enthusiasm and affection of people. As captain è it was a very important and very painful victory" began the Azzurri captain to the microphones of the "Gazzetta dello Sport".

"My career is not è remotely comparable to Jannik’s, è a pride to have him in Italy and to be able to work with him on a daily basis. He is a player who raises the level in any aspect, from training to the game. We are lucky to have a player like him, but not only that. We are happy to have a great team" continued the former tennis player.

"Now we see few limits. He canò improve, he will still grow a lot and he does not set any limits. He wants to become number one in the world, raise important trophies like a Slam or Davis Cup. We are waiting for him and it will beà only a matter of time before he can achieve his goals" added the 42-year-old from Livorno.

"I come from the technical sector, and we with 15- to 16-year-olds start collaborating very early. Sinner and Berrettini themselves are players we have been following for several years, so for us è it is a source of pride to see the level they have reached. The pressure will come maybe in September when we will be called upon to defend the cup, but we look forward to it" concluded Filippo Volandri.

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