MotoGp, Casey Stoner vs. mind games: “Why make enemies?”

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MotoGp, Casey Stoner vs. mind games: "Whyé make enemies?"

Former MotoGp centaur Casey Stoner in an interview with TNT Sports spoke about rider rivalry in the premier class: "The rivalry between strong riders is there. It's just under a veil, you have to look for it. But it'è! Some pilots like it, they think it&#39s how you get into people&#39s heads. But in my opinion, you know all you get is trying to get into someone’s head by doing it the wrong way? You just make them stronger".

"From those who did it with me then I learned everything, you find out a lot of their weaknesses. You can tell when they are trying to compensate for certain things when they are trying to intimidate you. If you learn from all that, you get strengthened to the point where you canò be intimidated".

"When it comes to fighting for the title, do you really want to see a rival trying to take out whoever is playing it? Or do you want the title to be won on merit".

The MotoGp climate now è less poisoned than in the past: "Right now there'è a lot of respect between the riders, becauseé everyone knows they are fighting for important things. Whyé risk it all by making enemies who could eliminate you at any time?".

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